• Welcome to Pilates in Bath


Welcome to Pilates in Bath

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June/July Course 2024

Come and join us for a fun, health boosting and invigorating block of classes that will leave you feeling strong, stretched and realigned.
Our new block of classes starts June 4th and finishes July 19th.

Due to classes being at full capacity, swaps to other days can no longer be offered, however, recordings to suit your ability are available for any classes you are unable to attend.

Classes fill up quickly so if you are interested, get in touch and Laura will try and find you a space or add you to the waiting list if necessary.

For any further information please get in touch with Laura by clicking here.

About Us

'Laura is a great Pilates teacher. She is very committed and ensures everyone is getting what they need out of her classes. She also makes it fun and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. I've also had a couple of private sessions with Laura to make sure I am doing it right and to get me started again after an injury. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.'

Roisin Woolnough

‘As we move more and more into this era of screens and cerebral thinking it is easy to forget about our physicality -  that our heads and bodies are linked. The intercommunication between feeling and thinking which we experience both in our minds and bodies is more and more essential – but perhaps more and more neglected. Laura's ability, attitude, and culture that she develops in her Pilates sessions enables us all to re visit our bodies and minds and feelings as a whole. Laura's optimism, energy and thoughtfulness about the experiences of the participants balances a sense of challenge, camaraderie and joy – alongside a long lasting sense achievement.'

Pete Aston, Psychotherapist and Analyst, Pinero House, Harley Street.