Laura is currently running a 5 week course (18th May- 18th June).

New Oriel Hall Class Timetable:
The fun, challenging, mat-based classes allow you to work out in a focused yet sociable environment. The classes are for everyone to enjoy and there are classes for all abilities.

Classes are 50 minutes and are currently run in blocks of 4, 5 or 6 weeks. The blocks of classes are to be paid for in total either before, or on the first session at £10 per class.

These classes can be topped up with a Virtual Recorded class at £8 per class.

If you would like to come and try out a session, please contact Laura in advance so she can answer any questions you may have.

Tuesday 10.30am Intermediate & Mixed Laura
Tuesday 7.40pm  Intermediate/Advanced/Mixed Laura
Wednesday 9.30am Mixed Ability Laura
Thursday 6.30pm  Advanced Laura
Friday 9.15am   Intermediate Higher Level Laura
Friday 10.30am  Mixed Ability Laura


Virtual Class Timetable for May/June 2021: 

Weekly classes taught at the New Oriel Hall are recorded and available to purchase in 2 different packages.

Package 1: 3 weekly recordings for 5 weeks @ £50
Package 2: 1 weekly recording for 5 weeks @ £40

Wednesday recording: (Mixed Ability)
Thursday recording: (Advanced)
Friday recording: (Mixed Ability)

The virtual classes are for everyone to enjoy and I have classes for all abilities, however, I recommend participants have a basic knowledge of Pilates. The recordings of the classes are yours to enjoy for 6 weeks. 

Payment is to be made via Bank Transfer.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact Laura